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  This site will make you smile. Guaranteed. I have been performing yodel music for 20 years. One of my greatest pleasures is to look in the audience and see young and old smiling. That is also the focus of this site. The yodeling this site teaches is of the Alpine variety. Yodeling is fun, unique, and quite silly. I have enjoyed building and maintaining this site. Have fun!

Yodel Course in the Media

  From time to time the Yodel Course is featured in the media. Here are a few examples: Media Requests>>

London (BBC Radio 2) (6:58 / 8MB)
London (Radio) (4:21 / 6MB)
GeoQuiz(NPR Radio) (4:19 / 6MB)
Dublin (Radio) (5:53 / 4.1MB)
Video I (CNNFN TV) (1.3MB)
Video II (CNNFN TV) (1.4MB)
NEW! Yodelcast!

    The first episode of the Yodelcast has been submitted to iTunes. If you would like to listen click on the link. Listen>>
If you have iTunes on your computer click on the image below to launch.

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Yodelking: Franzl Lang

  Pay homage to the master, Franzl Lang. He recorded over 40 yodel albums. Also included, are links to sites where some of these can be bought.

YouTube Vids

Visit me on YouTube to see some great yodels and polkas. These are some of my favorites videos, and include some great Franzl Lang. more>>
OAX 3 Decades

 After forming in 1988, The Original Alpine Express enjoyed few variations in its membership. In its recent revival, Brian Ahlbrand (1985-1988), and Mike White (1990-1999) join Norman Gwaltney (1985-2008+) in performing around the midwest. Brian sings, plays drums and guitar, Mike plays trumpet and sings, with Norm on vocals and accordion. more>>
Yodelops: Best Places

  As a new section to this site, yodelops, seeks out the yodeling hot spots. Send the spots you have come across on vacations or just at home. more>>

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